As songwriters, we all know how difficult it is to keep writing, and the best way to improve is to just write the next song. Whether you are an amateur, a professional songwriter or something in between, writer’s block is a challenge that hits everyone. This songwriting blog a resource for anyone looking to write their first song, become a better songwriter, get past writer’s block or just get more ideas for their next piece of music.

Ramita Arora

Ramita is a professional songwriter with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. She has been writing songs for over a decade and has released three self-produced EPs on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Ramita has also won Top Honours in the Indie International Competition for her song “Roses” and “Dancing in the Kitchen”. Website & Spotify

Natalie Duque

Natalie is a singer songwriter based in Los Angeles. Over the course of her career she has released multiple EPs and several singles, with more music to come. She has worked with Grammy nominated artist Cam who co-wrote her song “When I Fall,” and received the Silver Award in the Adult Contemporary category for her song “Rise,” and Honorable Mention in the Pop category for her song “Stay” in the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. Website & Spotify

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