Songwriting Resources

Want some links to good songwriting books, blogs, podcasts, videos, songwriting competitions and other educational resources? This is the page for you. You’ll also probably find some answers to questions you may have as well – be sure to submit any other questions here!

Songwriting Competitions for 2022

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Songwriting Competitions to Enter in 2022

There are lots of songwriting competitions out there! If you’re looking for a deadline to motivate you to finish a song, edit it thoroughly, incorporate some feedback and get it recorded, song contests are a great way to motivate and inspire yourself. Just remember: Make sure to sign up for the email lists so that…

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Holiday Gifts for Songwriters

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or you’re forwarding this as a hint to your loved one, songwriters definitely have certain gifts that will benefit them. Here are some options for gifts you can buy for the songwriter in your life this holiday season. Songwriting Gifts Under $20Songwriting Gifts Under $50Songwriting Gifts Over $100 Songwriting…

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Learn Songwriting on YouTube

If you’re looking for some free songwriting knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. YouTube can be a great resource to learn songwriting, especially if you already watch videos regularly. Even if you’re just looking for some inspiration, throwing a few songwriting videos into the mix can help you think about songwriting without writing itself.…

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How to Use the Voice Memos App for Your Songwriting

I don’t use many apps when I write songs but I use the Voice Memos app very consistently. It is a bit of a dream for the young songwriter in me who had to transcribe every song just to remember them! If you’re just starting out and want some ideas of how you can use…

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Great Songwriting Podcasts To Keep You Inspired

If you like podcasts and you’re a songwriter, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the many different music podcasts that have popped up over the last couple of years. These are a few podcasts that I find very interesting, and while topics and objectives of the podcasts overlap, each speaks of songwriting as a craft. These podcasts are…

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How to Match Metaphors in Your Songs

We’ve all been there: we’ve written a song, the metaphors make sense within the context and they express your idea well. We bring that song to a mentor or friend and they frown, a little confused: they’ve been thrown off by the fact that the Verse was talking about city life, but the Chorus mentioned…

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What are Rhyme Schemes?

Rhyme schemes: love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are a useful part of songs that provide structure (or unstructured, if that’s what you’re going for).  A rhyme is words that end in a similar sounding vowel. You can have perfect rhymes (boat/moat) or imperfect rhymes (boat/globe). A rhyme scheme is the pattern of where the…

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Classic and Modern Types of Bridge Sections

If you’re a songwriter, you probably have opinions on Bridge sections. Many of us tend to use only a couple of types of Bridges, and that might come from the songs that have influenced us. If you’re writing an ABBA song, the options are limited. You might hate Bridges and routinely skip them.  Either way,…

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