Song Breakdown: What Makes the Chorus in “A Little Bit Yours” by JP Saxe so Satisfying

The first time I heard “A Little Bit Yours”, I was instantly hooked. JP Saxe has a way of creating subtle but hooky riffs, punch-in-the-gut lyrics and killer melodies. This Chorus in particular feels very satisfying in both the beginning of the Chorus and the payoff line. It seems like a simple song on the… Continue reading Song Breakdown: What Makes the Chorus in “A Little Bit Yours” by JP Saxe so Satisfying

Overcoming Self-Doubt in Songwriting

Like everyone, I experience self-doubt when it comes to songwriting. Along with music having a brutal, messy industry, it was pretty early on when I realized just how many other songwriters are out there. Part of being a musician is getting passed on and rejected, and after many of those instances, I can feel pretty… Continue reading Overcoming Self-Doubt in Songwriting

How To Use the Rule of Two in Songwriting

The Rule of Two is something writers often do subconsciously. The concept of repeating something only twice before changing something helps the listener engage with the music. It prevents the feeling of a section dragging on (as pop songwriters and critics like to say, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”). There are many instances… Continue reading How To Use the Rule of Two in Songwriting

My 5 Favourite Books to Learn the Craft of Songwriting

My five favourite books to learn the craft of songwriting If you’re a reader like myself, you’ve probably noticed how many songwriting books are out there. There are also many types of songwriting books, ranging from instructive to anecdotal, and it can be overwhelming to figure out which books actually get to the meat of… Continue reading My 5 Favourite Books to Learn the Craft of Songwriting

Songwriting Exercise: Using a Timer

Have you done timed object writing before and loved it? The advantage of using a timer is that it shuts off the inner critic. The goal is to get the main ideas across and defined, rather than ruminating endlessly on one line, and get it finished in a set amount of time.  Here are a… Continue reading Songwriting Exercise: Using a Timer

Is Inspiration Bullsh*t?

Have you ever gone months and months without writing a song? Years? I definitely have. When I first started writing, it was like an obsession; I was constantly writing, sometimes a song a day. Then I slowed down to where I was writing a song every couple of weeks, maybe a month. There were periods… Continue reading Is Inspiration Bullsh*t?

How To Create Contrast Between Sections

One of the fundamentals to songwriting is creating contrast between sections. I say “fundamentals” because it is one of the first things you might learn, but like most of the basics, it requires practice and persistence throughout your lifetime of writing music. Even after more than a decade of songwriting, this is still something I… Continue reading How To Create Contrast Between Sections

Songwriting Exercise: Structured Object Writing

Nearly every writer has tried object writing at some point in their lives. The idea is usually very similar every time: when you wake up in the morning, grab your tea or coffee and sit down with a timer and a notebook. Pick an object and free-write for ten minutes about it. Maybe at the… Continue reading Songwriting Exercise: Structured Object Writing

Song Breakdown: How Olivia Rodrigo Establishes Emotion in “drivers license”

Olivia Rodrigo’s new song “drivers license” has become extremely popular. It takes a pop ballad to the next level with the emotional drive of this song, and we don’t seem to hear that on the radio as much as we used to. If you’re wondering how exactly this song tugs on the heartstrings, here are… Continue reading Song Breakdown: How Olivia Rodrigo Establishes Emotion in “drivers license”

Why I Write Songs When I’m Sleepy

When I’m sleepy, probably the last thing I want to do is write a song. As much as I love writing, I can admit that it requires a lot of effort and brainpower. Like most things worth doing, songwriting can get pretty difficult when your focus has to be squeezing a story into short lines… Continue reading Why I Write Songs When I’m Sleepy