How To Use the Rule of Two in Songwriting

The Rule of Two is something writers often do subconsciously. The concept of repeating something only twice before changing something helps the listener engage with the music. It prevents the feeling of a section dragging on (as pop songwriters and critics like to say, “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus!”). There are many instances… Continue reading How To Use the Rule of Two in Songwriting

How To Create Contrast Between Sections

One of the fundamentals to songwriting is creating contrast between sections. I say “fundamentals” because it is one of the first things you might learn, but like most of the basics, it requires practice and persistence throughout your lifetime of writing music. Even after more than a decade of songwriting, this is still something I… Continue reading How To Create Contrast Between Sections

Why your Rhymes are Getting in your Way

There are many songwriters out there who argue that the lyrics don’t matter. I hear this especially when I hear critique of pop music, and how the lyrics are “too simple” and the songwriters just write anything down, as long as it sounds catchy. This might be true in some cases, but truly great songs… Continue reading Why your Rhymes are Getting in your Way

How to Start: The Hardest Part of Songwriting

Songwriting isn’t easy, and one of the most difficult parts of the process is starting. One could argue that activities like writing, art, music, exercise, etc. can sometimes feel like more work than fun. Songwriting requires a lot more effort than simply tuning into Netflix, but I definitely think the former is much more satisfying.… Continue reading How to Start: The Hardest Part of Songwriting