Song Feedback

Song feedback is invaluable in becoming a better songwriter over time. We often cannot see the parts of our song that impact listeners or the parts that aren’t quite clear or working for the song. If you would like feedback on your song, we would love to hear it!

Critique on a song can be nerve-wracking or scary. Our goal is to keep things positive and helpful. We will mention the great things about your song as well as the parts that need work. We will focus on how you can improve at your level as a songwriter.

What you can submit:

  • A full song, lyrics, melody and harmony
  • A full song, lyrics-only
  • An .mp3/.mp4 of a song (a phone recording is fine as long as it is clear)

Complete this form to get feedback on your song!

Disclaimer: This is completely free and usually takes about a week for a response. We do not claim copyright or ownership of any kind for your song. All feedback are suggestions and opinions that you are free to use and discard as you like.