Great Blogs to Learn Songwriting

Songwriting blogs can be the perfect place to learn songwriting. They’re generally free and you might find new advice that hasn’t yet been covered in published books. There are many types of music blogs out there, but here is a list of ones that will be specifically helpful in learning songwriting (though few of these have career tips as well).

FlyPaper by SoundFly

Soundfly is an incredible resource to learn all types of music—including songwriting courses—so it is no surprise that FlyPaper, their music blog, is full of knowledge from writing tips to song analysis. The link above goes directly to their writing category, but be sure to check out the rest of the blog to learn much more.

Songwriting Magazine

Songwriting Magazine is an important place for songwriters, and while it may not seem like a blog at first glance, there are parts of their website designated for songwriting tips and techniques. They cover co-writing struggles and feature interviews with top musicians on their methods in songwriting.

Robin Frederick’s Songwriting Tips and Inspiration

Robin Frederick has some amazing books, but she also has a blog where she analyzes hit pop songs and songwriters. She also has an informative newsletter where she will point out techniques used in effective songs and break it down in a way that is easy-to-learn.

Top 40 Theory

Top 40 Theory is a must-see for anyone writing in a pop genre and loves music theory. They look in-depth into some of the most popular songs right now and analyze the melody, rhythm and harmony that make a song sound so interesting.

Holistic Songwriting

Holistic Songwriting often branches out onto YouTube and their podcast, but he also has some thorough blog posts for beginner to advanced writers. Whichever medium you prefer, this blog teaches some new tricks in songwriting that are currently being used by songwriters.

Musician on a Mission

Music on a Mission offers step-by-step advice in each of their blog posts. There are resources on songwriting as well as production, home recording and the business. There is an incredible amount of information that all levels of musicians can learn from.

Larp Music

Larp Music is a production studio that has a blog specifically focused around writing for sync. For anyone who is interested songwriting in film and television, this is a great resource to look through.


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