Great Websites To Use While Songwriting (beyond a rhyming dictionary!)

There are many great resources for songwriters, and while books are wonderful, websites are more easily accessible. I use these websites every day, especially if I’m using a timer and I need to find an idea quickly. 

Rhyme Brain

Many people love RhymeZone, but I think Rhyme Brain has to be my favourite website to find rhymes. It’s clean and suggests great imperfect rhymes.

If you haven’t used a thesaurus while you write songs, it is invaluable. There is always a need to find a word that is on-the-nose or more sophisticated than the one you currently have.

Related Words, Reverse Dictionary, Describing Words

Sometimes you don’t need an exact synonym, but words that are similar or describe them. This is helpful to expand songwriting brainstorms. For this, I would use the Related Words or the Describing Words websites. For the opposite ideas, there is a similar website called Reverse Dictionary.

Education First: English Idioms

We make assumptions when writing and that includes turns of phrases, or idioms. Whether you’re looking to understand what an idiom means or looking for a fresh way to describe a moment in your song, this page lists everything.

Cliché List

Likewise, clichés are helpful while writing or looking for new song ideas. This website sorts clichés by alphabet.

Ultimate List of Emotions

Emotions are the basis of most songs, and seeing a list of them can be great for new ideas. created a comprehensive list of emotions that is extremely useful when writing, especially for sync.


Believe it or not, if I’m looking for song ideas, quotes or descriptions of emotion, I use Pinterest. I find this particularly useful for writing motivational or inspirational songs. Often I will search “positive quotes” and paraphrase the ideas. 



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