Song Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

(Some links lead to songwriting exercises!)

1. Write a song based on a book title

2. Write a Chorus with the hook line in the beginning and end of the Chorus

3. Write a song that counts up or down (a list, weekdays, months, time, etc.)

4. Write a seasonal or holiday song (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.)

5. Write a song with an anti-Chorus

6. Write a song with more rhythmic melodies

7. Write a song with the AABA form

8. Write a song based on a metaphor or specific image

9. Write a song on the current weather or season

10. Write a song based on the last book you read or movie you saw

11. Write a song around a specific colour or set of colours

12. Write a song about being a songwriter/musician

13. Write a song based on a past journal entry

14. Write a song that starts with a riff

15. Write a song with syncopated harmonic rhythm

16. Write a song in a different era (ex. Go back to 1950)

17. Write a song when you’re sleepy and see what happens

18. Write a song with long instrumental sections

19. Write a song in a new genre

20. Borrow someone else’s song title and write a new song around it


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