Top Free and Paid Songwriting Courses to Inspire Your Writing


Future Learn: How to Write Your First Song

The University of Sheffield offers this course on Future Learn. For any beginners who need a little push to get started, this course is great. There are six weeks to this course for approximately three hours per week.

You can join for free or get a certificate for $79 (financial aid available).

Coursera Songwriting

Berklee College of Music offers quite a few songwriting courses online for beginners including writing lyrics, learning guitar, singing, arranging, production and more.

You can take the course for free (click the “Audit” option) or earn a certificate for $40/month.

Udemy Songwriting: Creative Lyric Writing Approaches

For any lyric writers that are looking to get started with songs, this course focuses on the narrative. There are four parts to this course to finish in a month.

You can take this course for free.



Soundfly has many different courses for songwriting, including songwriting for producers, songwriting workshop, music theory and much more. 

They offer a subscription for $19/month or other options if you prefer to work with an instructor.

Udemy: Basics of Pro Songwriting

This course has great reviews for those looking to move beyond the beginner levels of songwriting. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks.

This course is $50.


Skillshare has many options in the realm of songwriting, mainly for beginners and intermediate level writers. 

There are free courses with the free membership. A paid membership is $99/year for all courses.

Lynda: Songwriting has many courses for beginners and intermediate level songwriters, including production and the songwriting process.

Plans start at $20-30 a month (paid monthly or annually).

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles

Although they operate in-person, this school offers classes online for intermediate and advanced songwriters. Courses include writing for pitching, music business and production. 

There are classes ranging from $75-$500+.

Masterclass: Alicia Keys: Songwriting and Production 

Masterclass: St. Vincent: Creativity and Songwriting

Masterclass has two songwriting courses by Alicia Keys and St. Vincent. Both songwriters hone in on skills, sound and inspiration.

Masterclass is $15/month and billed annually ($180).

Monthly (Writing and Production) 

Monthly has some songwriting courses but centres around production. Many of the instructors are recognizable talents from the music industry.

The cost per course is $279.

The Songwriting Academy

The Songwriting Academy specializes in songwriting retreats and bootcamps, which can be great places to meet professional songwriters.

Their five-day bootcamp is £995.00.

Berklee Online

Berklee online offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in songwriting with courses in songwriting, theory, business, licensing, production and more. 

The undergraduate degree is approximately $60k and 120 credits. A graduate degree is approximately $33k and 36 credits.



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