Great Songwriting Podcasts To Keep You Inspired

If you like podcasts and you’re a songwriter, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the many different music podcasts that have popped up over the last couple of years. These are a few podcasts that I find very interesting, and while topics and objectives of the podcasts overlap, each speaks of songwriting as a craft.

These podcasts are listed in three different categories: learning songwriting, where podcasts discuss different tips and tricks in the craft; interviews with songwriters, which may include songwriting advice or career advice; and songwriting history, where podcasts delve into songs that have impacted music history. 

By no means are these the only podcasts in songwriting and music, but a few that are definitely worth listening to.

Learning Songwriting

Songwriter Theory: Learn Songwriting and Write Meaningful Songs by Joseph Vadala

This podcast is a lot like this blog. It provides motivation while also giving out valuable and educational writing tips. Despite its name, there is no complicated theory or confusing terminology; it is accessible to anyone.

SongTown on Songwriting by American Songwriter

SongTown provides great songwriting advice, focusing on one topic per episode with advice from famous songwriters. Little tips and tricks for lyrics are sprinkled throughout to boost your songs.

Switched on Pop by Vulture

Switched on Pop regularly makes deep dives into a popular song and what makes it so interesting and great. Unlike many podcasts, they comment on both lyrical and musical aspects of the song, often explaining the music theory behind it.

Creative Pep Talk by Andy J. Pizza, Co-Loop Podcast Network

Creative Pep Talk offers general tips for all types of creatives. They cover the creative process, tips on working with others and some career advice. By focusing on creativity, the listener ends up thinking about their craft in a broader sense rather than focusing on just the music side.

Interviews with Songwriters

Ditty in a Dash by Frances

Ditty in a Dash is a great women-run podcast with concise interviews with up-and-coming songwriters. They discuss the rise of the artist and their views on songwriting. At the end of each episode, they do a fun exercise where they write a song in just fifteen minutes. Listeners get to hear a professional songwriter go through their process as well as getting a nice insight into co-writing. 

And the Writer Is… with Ross Golan by Big Deal Music // Mega House Music

And the Writer Is… is a very popular podcast featuring the biggest names in the industry. Episodes often delve into a songwriter’s career, their thoughts on the music industry and their outlook on songwriting in general.

Pitch List by American Songwriter

The Pitch List features interviews with songwriters who specifically pitch their songs to artists. Professionals discuss their process with writing and recording, as well as their path to making contacts and pitching songs.

Song Exploder by Hrishikesh Hirway

Song Exploder, which was also made into a Netflix show, offers great analyses into hit songs by interviewing the artists. The episodes often describe the elements that make the song come together and what draws people into the music.

Songwriting History

Dissect by Spotify Studios

Dissect centres specifically on albums and goes through a song per episode. They discuss the sonic elements (especially production), lyrical themes and how it comes together in the music video. Listeners will understand each song in the broader context of music and art history.

Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia by Slate Podcasts

Hit Parade is truly a music history podcast, curating episodes on modern songs that have made their mark and proven to be timeless. Songs range from Beyonce to Taylor Swift to Nirvana and provide the full history of each artist and song in two-part episodes.

Themes and Variation by Soundfly

Themes and Variations have created a series with a “Songs that…” theme. Each episode features different songs throughout history that have been not only impactful on listeners, but on songwriting history. This podcast also includes interviews with different songwriters to discuss the topics.

Riffs on Riffs by Evergreen Podcasts

Riffs and Riffs hosts discuss modern music and the sampling from the original songs. This podcast often uses a perspective from older listeners to discuss how songwriting has shifted throughout the last fifty years.


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