Write a Song When You’re Not “Supposed” To

There are a lot of guidelines out there on how to write songs: books, courses, famous songwriters, podcasts, teachers and—of course—blogs like this one. Every single one will suggest what makes a song really great and the best ways to write. There are many suggestions from morning pages, object writing, setting a timer, co-writing or just writing a little bit every day

But honestly? There is no perfect way to write.

Part of writing songs that mean something to us is understanding ourselves. If you do better with outside factors like timers or co-writers, that’s great and you should keep doing that. But some of us have probably tried all of these things and still struggle to get the words out onto the page.

And we want to write. We’re songwriters. We have something to say and love to express it this way, so the urge exists. But there are a lot of suggestions out there on what you’re “supposed” to do when you write, hammering away on how someone made their living writing in that way. Sometimes we don’t even notice when the “rules” oppose each other because there are so many of them.

If you really think about it, though, there are no real rules in writing. Whether it is sitting down every day or writing once a month, who cares if the songs are being written? If you can write the next song and improve your songwriting skills by writing songs you love, the “rules” disintegrate pretty quickly.

Write a song when you’re not “supposed” to write one. Write on your lunch break. Write in the middle of the night when everyone else is sleeping. Write in the shower. Write on your commute to work. Write while you’re watching Netflix. Write under the dinner table.

Write often, but whenever you want.

I find myself being a lot more creative when I’m not forcing myself to be so. Maybe it’s the same for you.


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