Learn Songwriting on YouTube

If you’re looking for some free songwriting knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. YouTube can be a great resource to learn songwriting, especially if you already watch videos regularly. Even if you’re just looking for some inspiration, throwing a few songwriting videos into the mix can help you think about songwriting without writing itself.

There are so many creators on YouTube and it can be difficult to pinpoint what will help your writing. Try watching a couple from each category to see what helps you!

Songwriting Tips

Lyric Writing by Pat Pattison at Berklee Online

We can’t forget Pat Pattison, who has some of the most useful lyric writing books out there. In this playlist of videos, gives great tips on writing fearlessly and offers tools for any level of songwriter.

How to Write a Song for Beginners by April Keez

This playlist is for beginner songwriters but her whole channel has step-by-step tutorials on how to write a song, melodies, lyrics, etc. She presents things in a fun way and is methodical in her teaching.

147 Ways to Write a Melody by Andrew Huang

It is insane to think there are a hundred and forty-seven ways to write a melody! The options truly are endless. This one can be great if you’re bored with your melodies or simply want to improve your melody skills.

Music That Sounds Like the Lyrics by David Bennet Piano

This video is really great study in prosody in songwriting. You will learn several different ways that popular songs over the years have used prosody with word painting, chords, melody and general ways how songwriting can tell a story.

Music Series by Vox

If you find yourself inspired by the history of songwriting from opera to jazz to pop, check out this playlist. You can use it to learn how music evolved but also how you can incorporate elements of the past into your current songs.

Songwriting Motivation

What NOBODY tells you about SONGWRITING by RiffShop

This video is perfect for when find yourself procrastinating, or even when you’re just feeling like you’re in a songwriting rut. It’s a great pep talk when you need it.

The Songwriting Best Practices I Wish I Learned Sooner by Patrick Breen

The tips in this video are key for any songwriters and his practices are backed by countless songwriters that I’ve met. He mentions The War of Art and The Artist’s Way and offers tips on writing in a way that won’t get you discouraged on the journey.

The Surprising Enemy of Good Songwriting by 12tone

If you like being clever and really appreciate the craft of songwriting, this video is for you. This video explores why doing too much in songwriting doesn’t always serve the song. It can be encouraging because you don’t always have to be clever or “the best” to write a great song, and it’s a great lesson to learn.

Songwriting Advice from Songwriters and Artists

How Taylor Swift Writes Melodies by Holistic Songwriting

This playlist begins with Taylor Swift and goes through several big songwriters and how they write melodies. He breaks down the melodies in ways that is clear and informative, as well as pointing out clear patterns in the songwriter’s music.

Song Start by Spotify for Artists

These videos work with some of the most famous artists in the industry and their step-by-step process on how they write songs. They explore different aspects of songwriters, their tips and tricks and how they stay motivated.

Diary of a Song by The New York Times

These fascinating interviews go through specific songs with the songwriters, how the inspiration came up and how they developed the idea into a song.

Songwriter Saturday by Spotify for Artists

This really comes under motivation by hearing songwriters on songwriting. This playlist goes through some of the top songwriters and their experience, process and what they love about songwriting.

These are just a few videos out of countless videos on YouTube. I highly encourage you to check out the entire channels and watch a little bit at a time, digest the information and see what you can do with it. Hopefully it helps your songwriting process and gives you new ideas, as well as inspiration!


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