Holiday Gifts for Songwriters

Whether it’s a treat for yourself or you’re forwarding this as a hint to your loved one, songwriters definitely have certain gifts that will benefit them. Here are some options for gifts you can buy for the songwriter in your life this holiday season.

Songwriting Gifts Under $20
Songwriting Gifts Under $50
Songwriting Gifts Over $100

Songwriting Gifts Under $20

A pen that writes smoothly – $12

I had to suggest this one! As a songwriter, I have received so many notebooks as gifts, but very rarely do I get good pens that write smoothly and feel great in my hand. I love the Pilot G2 Pen and it’s refillable with lots of colour options, so I’d definitely recommend that one.

Chord chart – $5-10

A lot of songwriters play multiple instruments and it can be tricky to keep the chords straight! I have this laminated ukulele chart on my wall that really helps when I’m writing songs. You can also get one for guitar or piano – whatever instrument you might need a little help with.

Books – $14

If I had to recommend two books that really help songwriters, it would be The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield or Writing Better Lyrics by Pat Pattison. The War of Art is for anyone who deals with a lot of writer’s block and needs a good boost to keep going. Writing Better Lyrics is for the songwriter who wants concrete songwriting tips and exercises to improve their skills.

Songwriting Gifts Under $50

Mug warmer – $26

When we’re writing songs, sometimes we get super into it and our drink gets cold pretty quick. A mug warmer is perfect for keeping our creative juices flowing without having to stop and get more tea, plus it works for any nice mugs that you have in your kitchen.

Fancy tea or coffee

Honestly, this is just a nice thought as a regular caffeine consumer myself. The price varies, but most songwriters would probably love a set of fancy teas or nice coffee. Don’t worry, we’re definitely going to drink it.

Spotify or Apple Music subscription

This really is a gift card type of present, but I think it’s still a thoughtful gift. They’re listening to music regularly and would appreciate the few months of free listening.

Songwriting Gifts Over $100

Interface and microphone – $230

If the songwriter in your life is recording solely on an iPhone or USB mic and wants to take it a step further, this Focusrite Bundle is perfect. The interface is solid, the microphone works well as a starting point and it comes with the necessary cables and headphones. You might also need a microphone stand and a sound shield.

MIDI keyboard – $120

To start producing, you’ll need a keyboard that connects directly to your computer (unless you already have an electronic keyboard; most likely, it already has that function). The M-Audio Keystation (comes in 49, 61 and 88 keys) is a great choice, though there a lot of MIDI keyboards out there with more functions.

Good headphones – $150

Whether you want to produce or just listen to music, good headphones is a great idea for songwriters. You’ll be able to hear things clearly in how the song is constructed from the artist’s point of view. The Audio Technica ATH-M50X is a fantastic option and it has a wireless function, too.

Interested in long-term improvement in your songwriting skills? Consider songwriting lessons for the new year.


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